ASIST (Suicide Intervention)

Suicide Intervention Workshop

Over 120,000 people in Australia have attended ASIST!

ASIST helps people to:

  • increase their awareness of suicide and recognise when someone may be at risk;
  • connect and communicate in ways that help to understand that risk
  • work with the person to increase their safety

As the world’s leading suicide intervention workshop, LivingWorks’ ASIST program is supported by numerous evaluations including independent and peer-reviewed studies. Results demonstrate that ASIST helps participants become more willing, ready, and able to intervene with someone at risk of suicide.

By encouraging honest, open, and direct talk about suicide, ASIST helps prepare participants to discuss the topic with a person at risk.

ASIST trainers can tailor certain features of the program, such as role-playing activities, to meet participants’ professional or cultural needs. Please inform us if you prefer a more customised approach.