There is an abundance of Mental Health training on offer, but do the standard training packages cover what it is that you are looking for?

Your staff may have more specific needs; based on their line of work, or the customers they work with.

This is where CLIC comes in! With industry experience in customer service, case management and (frontline) management, we can offer you training that meets your needs. 

We would book you in for a free 1-hour consultation in which we will explore your desired training outcomes. This could be:

  • a fully tailored training package delivered as a whole 
  • or spread over multiple shorter sessions, depending on time allocated for training in your organisation. 
  • followed up by customised consulting sessions in which we deal with issues in more depth, and/or
  • mentoring

Don’t hesitate and book in now for your free consultation: 

About Us

2020 CLIC Marisca Seinen-32-3

Marisca Seinen is a qualified counsellor and has a background in training/education, frontline management, case management, and has volunteered her time as a
telephone crisis support worker at Lifeline.

She sees herself as a true facilitator, is a people person, engaging, and inclusive.
Marisca has over 10 years experience and has trained many diverse audiences; allied health, and frontline workers, power station staff, first responders, government call centre workers, and councils.

Her biggest aim in her role as a trainer/facilitator has always been to give people the confidence to recognise signs, to know what to say to start the initial conversation, and to take away the fear of doing the wrong thing and therefore maybe not do anything at all.