Customised Courses

Understanding how to talk about mental health and help someone in need is an important skill.

Mental Health Aware workshop

This 6hr Mental Health Aware workshop has been developed to establish an understanding of the concept of mental health vs mental illness, and what influences mental health problems.

Once aware, we explore what may stop us from becoming involved and what we can do to overcome these barriers. Understanding the best ways to approach someone who may be experiencing mental health issues is incredibly important

By using everyday scenarios, tailored to your organisation, your staff will feel engaged, and empowered to be able to offer support and help promote wellbeing to those who need it.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

This 4hr Dealing with Challenging Customer Behaviour workshop offers a sound understanding of the reasons for the behaviour, how to manage and de- escalate that behaviour, and how to look after you in the process.

Has your staff had difficulty dealing with verbal abuse, aggression and/or (suicidal) threats? Have they felt out of depth and no longer in control of the conversation?

In some jobs, employees will find themselves managing emotionally-charged customer interactions, resulting in verbal abuse, aggression and/or (suicidal) threats on a regular basis. This leaves them feeling out of depth and no longer in control of the conversation.

By discussing situations in groups, we establish what is needed to regain confidence and control for safe and effective responses in challenging customer situations.

Stress Aware and Self-Care

This 4 hr fun and interactive Stress Aware and Self-Care workshop enables your staff to recognise, and learn strategies to manage their own stress, aimed to reduce anxiety, stress leave and to promote wellbeing.

Everyone experiences stress, but we are not always aware or able to recognise our own stress. Undetected or not managed, ongoing stress can cause physical or mental health problems.

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